Surface Roughness Tester Gauge

Surface Roughness testers use a contact stylus sensor (pick-up) to accurately determine the finish or roughness of a machined surface.

For this, a two- or three-dimensional profile of the surface is measured. Different roughness parameters that characterize the surface roughness are calculated using standardized methods.

Ra = arithmetic mean roughness, is the generally accepted and internationally applied parameter for roughness. It is the arithmetic mean of the absolute values of the profile deviations within the sample. The measured value Ra is always smaller than the one observed on the same roughness Rz.

Rz = average roughness, is the arithmetic mean of the highest single roughness depths of several adjoining sampling lengths

Rt = maximum roughness height, the vertical difference between the lowest scoring and the highest peak of the total measurement path

Rq = square roughness, is the root mean square average of the roughness profile ordinates

We offer a complete range of options to suit your application and budget.  

Basic testers allow you to test in the common scales, while advanced units can measure up to 30 more profile parameters and show waveform graphs and conversions. They also have the ability to test internal bores, deep grooves and hard to reach locations with optional styluses and extension arms.

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