Test surface profile roughness in Ra, Rz

Surface Roughness testers use a contact stylus to accurately determine the finish or roughness of a machined surface. We offer a complete range of options to suit your application.  

Basic testers allow you to test in the most common scales of Ra, Rz, Rq and Rt. Advanced units can measure up to 30 more advanced profile parameters and show wave form graphs and conversions. They also have the ability to test internal bores, grooves and hard to reach locations with optional styluses and extension arms.

The most common type of Surface Roughness Testers include both Ra and Rz test parameter scales as standard, with the Ra Scale being measured between 0.05µm - 10µm and Rz Scale between 0.1µm - 50µm on the base models and larger ranges available on other units.

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