Digital Dry Film Coating Thickness Gauge DFT

Test dry film thickness on metallic substrates

The Digital Coating Thickness Gauge or Paint Thickness Gauge, measures the dry film thickness of a coating applied on both Ferrous and or Non Ferrous metal substrates in a non destructive manner.  Eddy Current and Magnetic Induction measuring methods are employed, and this depends on the substrate type. 

Common uses for the Handheld Coating Thickness Gauges include the measurement of paint, powder coating, anodising, galvanising and epoxy coatings.  We supply various Coating Thickness Tester options, with a choice of either integrated sensor or separate sensor on a fly-lead; both with various data logging capabilities. Suitable for metallic based substrate materials only - thes instruments are not suitable for measurement on concrete, wood, composites, plastic etc.

Please contact us to discuss your application and assist in selecting the right Dry Film Coating Thickness Gauge for you!

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