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Liquid Crystal Forehead and Specimen Cup Thermometers

Liquid Crystal Thermometers for the measurement of clinical temperature trends in the healthcare environment. 

The Feverline and Feverscan are personal forehead thermometers that show a continuous display of core-adjusted temperature. They are typically used on the forehead area and are used to quickly and accurately  estimate the core body temperature of a patients during pre and post operation.   

Made in the USA and suitable for both adults and children, these fever thermometers are quick and easy to use. Simply place or have the patient affix, one against a person’s forehead and read the thermometer scale after 15 seconds.  Symptoms of this new Coronavirus include fever and coughing with an incubation period, before symptoms appear, of 2 to 14 days after exposure.

Britevent and Briteline are urine specimen temperature verification thermometers used on specimen cups for sample collection when carrying out hydration and drug & alcohol testing. 


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