Surface Roughness Stylus detector (sensor, pick-up) to suit the TIME TR-2** series, TIME3200, Starr RTD-200 and RTR -1000 series surface roughness tester gauges.

We have a complete range of optional and/or replacement styluses to suit almost any application, or replace a damaged part. 

You can use the various optioanal stylus sensors to extend the measuring capability of your Ra meter.


These stylus sensors are highly sensitve and delicate parts that wear out over time with prolonged use and are considered a consumable item.

They can also be easily damaged if misused or dropped. We stock standard stylus detectors and can order in special styluses as required.


TS100 Standard stylus detector with skid for roughness test on plane surface, shaft & inner surface of holes with min diameter of 5mm; max depth of 22mm.

TS110 for curved surfaces. Used for roughness testing of curved surface with min curvature radius 3mm & working with measuring platform.

TS120 for small holes. Used for roughness testing of small holes with minimum 2mm diameter of inner surface. Maximum depth 9mm.

TS130 for grooved surfaces. Used for roughness testing of groove with min. width 2mm, max depth 3mm or step with max height 3mm. *(also standard stylus for RTD-210 model roughness tester)

TS131 for Extra deep grooves. Used for roughness testing of deep groove with min. width 3mm, max depth 10mm or step with max height 10mm

TS140 Right-angle stylus sensor. Comprising right-angled pickup and right-angled transmit rod, used for transverse measuring applications such as crankshaft bearing journals.

TS150 Extension rod to suit stylus sensors. Used to add 50mm reach to the stylus sensor for very hard to reach, deep bores. 

Please call us to discuss your application in detail so we can suggest the best option(s) to suit on 03 8787 3636.


SKU TS1Series
Brand Time

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