ST-1004 series Hydraulic Type Universal Testing Machine with capacity options from 300 kN to 2,000 kN with Dual or Quad column frame. 

The ST-1004 Series Hydraulic UTM's are equipped with best in class hydraulic components from Bosch Rexroth and MOOG. The hydraulic power units control the load precisely and accurately.

Hydraulic UTM's features an open hydraulic chuck system. Changing the tensile jaw faces are intuitive and simple. The open chuck system is individually controlled via wireless remote for ease of use, convenience and safety. With the wireless chuck remote, gripping samples in the tensile zone is much easier, safer and can be done by one operator.

An separate, industrial grade Defog rack panel houses the included computer, software, screen, keyboard and mouse. 

All inputs and outputs are relayed through a dedicated touch screen controller. A fully independent closed-loop control system is paired with Salts innovative Hydraulic control UTM software with load cell resolution at 1/300,000 and displacement reading down to 0.001mm. 

Exclusive software enables the testing, data acquisition, test data management and analysis. Test methods include: Tensile, Compression, lexural/Bending, Cyclic, Shear etc. The software can be modified to meet any standard (ISO, ASTM, KS, JIS etc.) for any measurement possible with our UTMs after consultation. Analysis of the software include measurements of stress/force, strain/displacement, time and calculates the modulus, yield point, elongation % etc.





SKU ST-1004
Brand Salt Co., Ltd.

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