The Webster type hardness tester is an indentation style of portable tester used for quick determination of product hardness. It is ideal for measuring the hardness of soft and thin metals such as aluminium alloys, brass, copper and cold rolled steel sheet.

It can be used for purposes such as identifying heat treated from non-heat treated parts, quality control and maintenance checks etc.



  • One hand operation
  • Range: 0~20 HW (25~110 HRE)
  • Accuracy: 0.5 HW
  • Perform tests on range of tube sizes and flat sheet



WHT-20 Standard Webster hardness tester commonly used to test common aluminum profiles and pipes. 
WHT-20a thickened type is applicable for testing the hardness of aluminum profile with the thickness less than 13mm.
WHT-20b thin pipe type suitable for testing of pipes with the inside diameter of above 6mm. 
WHT-B75 brass type hardness tester designed for testing the hardness of brass material and hardened 
WHT-BB75 for soft brass and red copper materials. 
WHT-B92 soft steel type  used to test stainless steel sheets and cold-rolled steel sheets.

 WHT-20   0.4~6mm
  •  25~110HRE
  •  58~131HV
 Aluminium alloy profile, pipe and sheet with ID>10mm
 WHT-20a  0.4~13mm
  •  25~110HRE
  •  58~131HV
 Thick wall Aluminium alloy material with ID>10mm
 WHT-20b  0.4~8mm
  •  25~110HRE
  •  58~131HV
 Aluminium alloy with ID>6mm
 WHT-B75   0.4-6mm
  •  63~105HRF
 Brass in hard or half hard state , super hard aluminium alloy with ID>10mm
 WHT-B75b  0.4~8mm
  •  63~105HRF
 Brass in hard or half hard state, super hard aluminium alloy with ID>6mm
 WHT-BB75  0.4~6mm
  •  18~100HRE
 Soft Brass, Pure Copper with ID>10mm
 WHT-  BB75b  0.4~8mm
  •  18~100HRE
 Soft Brass, Pure Copper with ID>6mm
 WHT-B92   0.4~6mm
  •  50~92HRB
 Soft sheet materials not exceeding 230 HV, such as cold rolled sheet, galv sheet etc with ID>10mm




  • Tester 
  • Webster hardness block (high value) 
  • Calibration wrench 
  • Spare indenter 
  • Small screwdriver 
  • Carrying case



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