A portable hardness tester for measuring metals using Ultrasonic Contact Impedance method (UCI).

The UCI hardness measuring method complies to ASTM A1038.

The ultrasonic probe is used for measuring the hardness value of small items, objects with a thin wall, complex form, and to measure the hardness of surface hardened layers, welds and HAZ. 

The ultrasonic contact impedance (UCI) probe is to be used for hardness measurement in the case of sample piece with minimal thickness (from 1 mm).

This method is very fast and easy: place the probe on the tested object surface, press the probe with the required test force 2 kg/f (20N) to the surface and save the hardness value, shown on the display of the device. Small size diamond indenter allows measuring hardness value of all items, which are thicker than 1 mm.

The UCI method of hardness testing is the least destructive because the hardness tester with UCI probe leaves a smaller imprint than the majority of bench hardness tester would (similar to Vickers indentation size). It is also well suited to test weld hardness and HAZ. 



  • Contact impedance probe
  • Low test force (5N, 10N, 20N, 50N or 98N)
  • Small indentation
  • Wide measurement range 
  • User calibration in all hardness scales
  • Large, full colour display
  • Internal memory 50 sets
  • Graphical or statistical data 



Hardness Scales   HRC, HB, HV, HRB, HS, HL, MPa
Measuring Range

HV: 50 ~ 1599

HRC: 20 ~ 76

HB: 76 ~ 618 

Tensile strength, MPa: 255 ~ 2180





Indenter Diamond
Data Storage  50 sets data
Display Load applied/contact (UCI), Single test result, Max, Min, Average of tests, Number of tests, Deviation, Var. coeff, Histogram, Signal
Power Supply 5V rechargeable




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