Multi angle gloss meter GRM-2000 allows users to measure and analyze the specular reflection (gloss level) at 3 different incidence angles (20/60/85°) to suit a wider range of materials, including extremely matte and glossy surfaces.

Operation is easy.  Select the required angle of incidence and press the ‘measure’ key.  A light beam is transmitted at the prescribed angle onto the test surface and is reflected into the receiver sensor.  The corresponding Gloss Unit (GU) value is displayed on screen in a matter of seconds.

The higher the GU value, the greater the glossiness is said to be.  ASTM D523 dictates that if your gloss reading at 60 degrees is more than 70 GU, then it is considered to be high gloss and should be remeasured at 20 degrees angle.  Alternatively if your gloss reading is less than 10 GU, it is considered to be matte and should be remeasured at 85 degrees. 

Common use of multi-angle  Gloss Meter is in quality assessment.  It is able to verify finishing polish on flooring products such as tiles, stone and pavers.  It is also used in the production of windows, various painted products, in the printing industry (glossy magazines, signage etc) and automotive industries.



• Large, backlit LCD
• Auto calibration (reference tile included)
• Data memory 250 readings
• Compact size for portability
• Rechargeable battery

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 Display  4 Digits LCD Backlit
 Measuring Geometry  20, 60 and 85°
 Range  0.1 ~ 200 GU
 Accuracy  ± 1.0 GU
 Resolution  0.1 GU
 Measuring Aperture  7 x 14 mm
 Internal Memory  250 readings
 Power Supply  Built-in rechargeable battery (USB charging)
 Dimensions  140 x 45 x75 mm
 Weight  305 grams


SKU GRM-2000
Model # gm268

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