PHR Series Portable Rockwell Hardness Tester - Manual type.

The PHR is a range of handheld, manual Rockwell type metal hardness testers.

The PHR is lightweight, compact and easy to operate, meaning it can be used anytime, almost anywhere. Initial testing force is 10kg, and main testing force is 60kg, 100kg or 150kg depending on the measuring scale - just like a bench-mounted unit. Force is applied by diamond (Rockwell A, C) or carbide ball indenter (Rockwell B) and screw so that the indentation is small.

It is often used in non-destructive testing to test the sample directly without the need for removal. It can not only test standard samples, hardware and tool parts, but also can test the inconvenient parts which are not suitable for testing with LEEB rebound type and bench hardness tester to test. Measurement accuracy meets standard GB/T230, ASTM E18.

This kind of tester is suitable for testing finished or semi-finished batching processed samples one by one. It can be used for production site, sales site and material warehouse.

Application: All common metals, including steel, copper, aluminum, nickel, lead, tin, cemented steel, hard alloy, etc.

Choose from four different models:

  1. PHR-1 - 25 x 25mm opening aperture for the smallest test pieces
  2. PHR-2 - 50 x 50mm opening aperture
  3. PHR-4(2) - 100 x 50mm opening aperture
  4. PHR-4(4) - 100x100mm opening aperture for large test pieces


  • Small, portable and lightweight
  • Quick to operate
  • Direct reading of Rockwell hardness
  • Useful to test small parts
  • Can measure external and internal small bore tube


Initial Test Force 10Kg
Main Test Force 60Kg (HRA); 100Kg (HRB); 150Kg (HRC)
Indenter 120°diamond cone (HRA, HRC)
1.588mm sintered carbide ball (HRB)
Indication Error <1.5HRC to meet ISO 6508
Repeatability Error <1.5HRC to meet ISO 6508
Resolution 0.5HR
Testing Range 15 scales, such as HRA, HRB, HRC etc.



SKU PHR-Series
Brand TX Instruments

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