Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber "CC ip" series from Ascott Analytical provides a complete solution and total flexibility to suit a wide range of testing requirements with multi-step cycles to all common AS, BS, ASTM, IEC, DIN and JIS standards. These chambers are available in 450L, 1000L, 1300L, 2000L and 2600L cabinets.

CCT combines the traditional exposure to salt mist with a variety of other controlled climates, including variable temperature & humidity, to create an accelerated simulation of service life conditions. CCT is very well suited to predicting a products total service life expectancy.

A simple touch-screen user interface can be navigated quickly and smoothly through test menus, real-time run parameters and chamber settings.

Humidity and Temperature can be controlled together in multi-step cycles. 4 specific cycles can be created and combined. They are: 

  • Neutral Salt Spray (NSS)
  • Air Drying (PROHESION)
  • Controlled Humidity
  • Condensation Humidity (SWAAT)
Additional fittings and automation accessories can be added for further testing capabilities to meet certain specific testing standards including timed humidity and temperature drops as well as below ambient, cool climates found in some automotive testing.
  • Create up to 4 distinct climates
  • Multiple step programmable (Maximum 30 including up to 5 separate 10-step sub-programmes)
  • Full colour, touch screen user interface
  • Automatic purge prior to opening
  • Low loading threshold for safe and ergonomic use
  • Slotted sample racks: 3mm slots, 15 degree angle
Cyclic Corrosion Test Chamber CC450iP CC1000iP CC1300iP CC2000iP CC2600iP
Chamber Capacity 450L 1000L 1300L 2000L 2600L
Mounting Format Floor Standing
Sample Racks (Max.)  6 8 8 16 16
Chamber External Dimensions 166 x 84 x 151cm 202 x 120 x 172cm 202 x 115 x 190cm 288 x 120 x 172cm 288 x 115 x 190cm
Chamber Internal Dimensions 101 x 64 x 114cm 135 x 98 x 132cm 130 x 98 x 152cm 216 x 98 x 132cm 216 x 98 x 152cm
Air Clean, dry and oil fee 4 to 6 bar (58~87psi). 240 Lt per minute flow
Water Deionized and distilled at 0.5 to 5 bar (7.3~73psi)
Power Supply     415V, 3 Phase, 50Hz
Contact us for full specifications and to discuss your testing requirements on (03) 8787 3636.
And for techincal datasheets and a full list of testing accessories, please visit


•  Cyclic Corrosion Chamber
• Complex multi-step programs
• Combine 4 distinct simulated climates
• Full colour touch screen user interface
• Automatic purge prior to opening
• Capacities from 450L to 2600L 

Brand Ascott Analytical

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