Atmosfär Premiuim chambers have been specifically designed to run the most popular and demanding automotive test standards in one complete solution. (the list of compliant test standards can be found on page 4 of the sales brochure).

These tests are cyclic in nature and comprise of exposure under controlled and varying conditions of temperature and humidity, with intermittent spraying of a salt solution directly on to the samples under test, from a high level swaying spray bar.

Most notably this chamber will be able to reach and control at +80C / 80%RH as standard.

CCT combines the traditional exposure to salt mist with a variety of other controlled climates, including variable temperature & humidity, to create an accelerated simulation of service life conditions. CCT is very well suited to predicting a products total service life expectancy.

A simple touch-screen user interface can be navigated quickly and smoothly through test menus, real-time run parameters and chamber settings.

Humidity and Temperature can be controlled together in multi-step cycles. 4 specific cycles can be created and combined. They are: 

  • Neutral Salt Spray (NSS)
  • Air Drying (PROHESION)
  • Controlled Humidity
  • Condensation Humidity (SWAAT)
Additional fittings and automation accessories can be added for further testing capabilities to meet certain specific testing standards including timed humidity and temperature drops as well as below ambient, cool climates found in some automotive testing.

There are two sizes of Atmosfär chamber each offered with various choices of refrigeration system and the choice of air cooled or water cooled sub-zero units, making a ten model line-up in total. They are: 1300 Litre (45.9 cu ft) or 2600 Litre (91.8 cu ft) internal capacity. 

This means that even large parts can be fitted without the need to cut smaller smaples pieces. Test entire bumper and bull bar assemblies easily thanks to the vertically-opening canopy.




AtmosfärPremium Lite  






Air Cooled

Water Cooled

Air Cooled

Water Cooled

AtmosfärPremium -20°C  





AtmosfärPremium -40°C  






The chamber is a package deal and includes the following accessories as standard:

  • 1 x ACC42 – Wall Wash
  • 1 x ACC47 – Ultra rapid ramping heater system to 80C
  • 1 x ACC121 – Chamber Logging Software
  • 1 x ACC10/2 – 110mm Entry Port
  • 1 x ACC102 – Salt Solution Consumption Sensor
  • 1 x ACC01 – ECC1 Kit
  • 1 x ACC25 – Additional atomisers for 0.5 – 5.5ml fallout range
  • 1 x ACC82 – Window Plug (ATPremium Lite only)
  • 1 x ACC31 – Oscillating Spray Bar
  • 1 x ACC03 – Additional Heater mats to reach 60C During salt spray
  • 1 x ACC108 – Fallout measuring kit
  • 1 x ACC57/2 – 1 Year consumables kit
  • 1 x ACC59/13 – 90L Salt Solution Tank
  • 1 x ACC59/9 – 160L Salt Solution Tank

Plus one of the following with Psychometric humidity control:

  • ATPremium Lite -  ACC112 & ACC112/INT
  • ATPremium  - ACC29 & ACC29/INT
  • Patented "Mag-Drive®" Oscillating spray bar with magnetically coupled drive system, for compliance with the most demanding automotive test standards.
  • Integrated air conditioning unit, to achieve demanding temperature and humidity combinations.
  • Psychrometric humidity control module, for more exacting control of humidity, especially at levels around 95% RH.


The psychrometric humidity module allows greater degree of control especially at high levels of humidity above 95%RH, it delivers a mechanism unaffected by frequent cycles of extreme humidity, ensuring lifetime integrity of measurement. It utilises two closely matched temperatures sensors, one with the sensing element exposed (called the ‘dry’ sensor/bulb) and one with the sensing element enclosed in a ‘wet sock’ (called the ‘wet’ sensor/bulb). For anything less than a saturated (100%RH) environment, there will be a small difference in the temperature measured by these two sensors. The ‘wet’ sensor will be at a slightly lower temperature than the ‘dry’ sensor due to evaporation from the wet sock surrounding it passing into the air-stream. This difference is called the depression temperature and can used to very accurately calculate the humidity of the passing air-stream.

Atmosfar Test Chamber CC1300iP CC2600iP
Chamber Capacity 1300L 2600L
Mounting Format Floor Standing
Weight 340 Kg 440 Kg
Chamber External Dimensions 2025 x 1316 x 1965 mm 2885 x 1316 x 1965 mm
Chamber Internal Dimensions 1300 x 980 x 1500 mm 2160 x 980 x 150 mm
Air Clean, dry and oil fee 4~6 bar (58~87psi). 240 Lt per minute flow
Water Deionized and distilled at 1.5 to 5 bar (21~73 psi)
Power Supply     415V, 3 Phase, 50Hz
Contact us for full specifications and to discuss your testing requirements on (03) 8787 3636.
And for techincal datasheets and a full list of testing accessories, please visit


• Combine 4 distinct simulated climates
• Capacities of 1300L or 2600L 

SKU Atmosfar
Brand Ascott Analytical

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