Thermal Disinfection Indicators (TDI) are adhesive thermometer labels that are used to identify if the surface of objects that have been cleaned in a dishwasher have reached a temperature high enough that they are sanitised.  

These labels have three temperature activation points set at: 65°C, 71°C, 82°C.  

The required temperature depends on the duration of the washing cycle.  A short cycle will require the 82°C indicator to activate and with a long cycle the 65°C indicator will suffice.  However please check with your state health department and your local council environmental heath officer for the recommended guidelines.

Demonstrate due diligence as part of HACCP procedures and environmental health obligations.

To use the TDI labels, stick one to an item going into the centre of the dishwasher, such as a plate.  

Once the dishwasher has run its cycle, read the label.  The indicated temperature will have changed from silver to black.  Remove the label whilst still warm and attach to a record for verification.

It is important to note that thermal disinfection can only occur if the surface of the object has reached the required temperature.  Sensors on a dishwasher are not sufficiently accurate to rely on or prove that sterilization has occured.  Whilst the spray might enter the dishwasher at recommended temperature, it can cool as it contacts the air and dishes and not actually reach the indicated set temperature.  These indicators are an excellent way to ensure and prove that sterilisation is occurring. 

TDI's are used by the catering suppliers of airlines, major and minor food production companies, hotels, hospitals, linen services, local restaurants and cooked / raw food suppliers such as a butchers and fresh seafood shops.

The TDI can also be used in medical applications including laundry services. Simply place a TDI inside a small snap-lock bag and throw it in the wash cycle - easy!

The labels are non-toxic, water resistant and accurate to ±1°C


  • Small
  • Inexpensive
  • Accurate to ±1°C
  • Permanent record of highest temperature achieved



  • Dual scale °C and °F
  • Temperature Indication Range: 65°C, 71°C and 82°C
  • Size: 25mm x 35mm
  • Adhesive backed
  • Water resistant
  • Colour change from white to black


Part  #   Celcius Fahrenheit  
 TDI-25  65 ~ 82°C   150 ~ 180°F
 TDI-50  65 ~ 82°C   150 ~ 180°F 
 TDI-1000   65 ~ 82°C   150 ~ 180°F


Size: 25 x 35mm    Type: Self Adhesive    Scale:  Dual °C & °F    

Accuracy Tolerance: +/- 1°C 


Brand TMC Hallcrest

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