Film thickness plays an essential part in the use and testing of paints and coating materials.  The film thickness determines the appearance, durability and protective qualities.  Too thin a film results with inadequate protection of the substrate and too thick a film also has issues such as cracking, excessive drying time and poor finish.  Wet film gauges are used to check freshly applied coatings and can be used to calculate the resulting dry film thickness.  If deviations have been detected they can be corrected immediately.  Dry film coating gauges are used to check the thickness of finished surfaces.



Model 234: Wet Film Thickness Gauge.
• In accordance with ISO 2808, ASTM D1212, BS 3900 : C5
• Disc shaped instrument rolls over coating and picks up film once thickness of film equals the gap to the rims.
• Available in varying ranges up to 1500µm.


Model 333: Wet Film Thickness Gauge acc. to Rossman.
• In accordance with ISO 2808, BS 3900 : C5
• Comb shaped instrument with teeth of incremental height.
• The thickness of the coating is between the height of the tooth that has coating and the tooth that does not.
• Available in the ranges of 0~120µm, 0~600µm and 0~1200µm.


Model 433: Wet Film Thickness Gauge.
• In accordance with ISO 2808, BS 3900 : C5
• Teeth cut into 4 sides of comb.
• Measuring range 5µm ~ 1500µm.
• Measuring range subdivied as 5~100µm, 100~300µm, 300~700µm, 700~1500µm.


Model 233: Dry Film Thickness Gauge.
• Dial gauge uses the difference in height between the upper surface of the coating and the substrate.
• Uses means of a free-moving plunger and two feet placed on the surface of the coating.
• Measuring range 0 ~ 1000µm with 5µm accuracy.


Model 296: Wet and Dry Film Thickness Gauge.
• Similar to the model 233, except the two feet penetrate the coating and the plunger rests on the coating.
• Measuring range 0 ~ 500µm with accuracy of 5µm.


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